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PETRONAS Mesra Loyalty Programme

  • Definitions of terms used

    Words Used Meaning
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    Transaction Transactions done at the PETRONAS Stations
    Redemption All redemptions done at PETRONAS Stations, online and related merchants
    Points Adjusted Adjustment made due to discrepancies if any
    Points Redeemed Total redeemed points as of current date
    Available Points Points available and redeemable
    Opening Points Points balance from previous cycle date
    Reference No. Reference number of transaction, available on transaction receipt and transaction history on the PETRONAS Mesra Loyalty Programme website
    Merchant Name Name of PETRONAS Station/Merchants where transactions are done
    Debit Adjustment Points transferred/debited to account
    Credit Adjustment Points transferred/credited from account
    Card Status Shows the status of the card. There are several possible status pertaining to your PETRONAS Mesra card. They are:
    • Issued: Card is not registered with us but points can be earned. However, points cannot be redeemed. Please contact our Hotline at 1 300 22 8888 to activate your card.
    • Active: Card is registered and active, points can be earned and redeemed.
    • Suspend: Card is suspended due to fraud or any other possible reasons. Points cannot be earned nor redeemed. Please call our Mesra Hotline at 1 300 22 8888 or email at mymesra@petronas.com.my for further enquiries.
    • Closed: Card is closed due to lost of card, transfer of card, or any other reason. Please call our Mesra Hotline at 1 300 22 8888 or email at mesra@petronas.com.my for further enquiries.
    Points Expiry Points ageing. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for full explanation on this.
    Points Cancellation Points are cancelled due to no transaction using the card for 6 months consecutively, which includes transaction of earning or redeeming.

  • I have registered but I did not receive my activation email. What do I do?
    Please check your Junk or Spam folder. If you fail to locate this, please do call our Mesra Hotline at 1 300 22 8888 or email us at mesra@petronas.com.my to check on your email address and for further advice.

  • I did not put in my email address when I applied for the card previously. I would like to have access to the website. How do I obtain my login to access?
    Please call our Mesra Hotline at 1 300 22 8888 or email us at mesra@petronas.com.my for further assistance.

  • When do I receive my statement of accounts?
    We will not be sending any physical statement to your mailing address. However, you can view, download and print your statement here on the website.

  • I have just moved my place of residence. How do I make sure I don't miss out any promotional materials or prizes that I might have won during contests?
    You are advised to update your personal data to the most frequent one. This is to ensure that we are able to contact you if there is a need to do so pertaining to your card, transactions, contests or promotions.

  • What is the 'Preference' for? Do I really need to update that?
    You are highly advised to do so. In order for us to serve you better, we need to understand you. This way, we will only be giving you promotions and privileges that you are truly interested in.

  • What type of communications can I expect from the PETRONAS Mesra Loyalty Programme and from which channel?
    At the moment, you will be receiving e-mails from us time to time on on-going promotions and contests. This is of course, upon permission from you. You will also be given SMS on periodic basis on contests, promotions and information. However, do be careful of any scams. Please be reminded that PETRONAS will never ask for your bank account details online, nor do we ever announce winners of any particular contests via SMS or emails. Contest winners lists will always be broadcasted over at our official site here. For further enquiries on this, do call our Mesra Hotline at 1 300 22 8888 to confirm or email us at mesra@petronas.com.my.

My Mesra Card
  • Can my Mesra points be converted to cash?
    No. Your points cannot be converted to cash.

  • How long does it take for my points to be credited into my account?
    Points will be credited into your account within 2 working days for normal transactions and up to 14 working days for dispute or contest, at our discretion.

  • Can I still collect points without my PETRONAS Mesra card?
    No, your PETRONAS Mesra card must be presented and swiped at the time of purchase.

  • What if my transaction is blocked during purchase, and, or redemption?
    Please contact our Hotline at 1 300 22 8888 to re-activate your card or email us at mesra@petronas.com.my or ask any of PETRONAS Stations' staff for assistance.

  • I swiped my PETRONAS Mesra card during transaction but the receipt says 'Please apply Mesra card at the counter'. What does this mean?
    This means that your card was not read and your points are not being awarded for that transaction. Do report this to the PETRONAS Station where you are at and request for ‘Uncaptured Points’ form and fill up the details. If transaction is valid, we will credit your due points within 14 working days. An SMS will be given to you upon credit of points.

Online Registration
  • Where can I get the PETRONAS Mesra card?
    You can get the PETRONAS Mesra card at any PETRONAS station nationwide.

  • How do I register my PETRONAS Mesra card?
    Effective 15th June 2014, all new Mesra members can register their cards via form at the PETRONAS Station, online here or call Mesralink at 1-300-22-8888 to register. We will fully convert to online registration by August 2014.

  • What will happen to the forms after August 2014?
    Forms will no longer be available at our stations. Please register via the website or Mesralink.

  • How can I replace a faulty or lost PETRONAS Mesra card?
    You can get a replacement card from any PETRONAS station and login to your Mesra account to register your new card number. Mesra points from the old card will be transferred to your new card. If you do not have a login to the web account, do call Mesralink at 1 300 22 8888.

  • Will any cost be incurred if I replace my PETRONAS Mesra card?
    Yes, 150 points will be deducted from your total available points.

  • What if I don't register my PETRONAS Mesra card?
    If you don’t register, you can still collect Mesra points but you will not be able to redeem Kad Mesra items, fuel or others.

  • Can I register for two cards?
    No. Members can only have one card active at any particular time. Click here to view the Terms & Conditions.

  • What are the benefits of online registration?
    You can check your Mesra points and get the latest updates on our offerings and privileges.

  • If I am facing difficulties using the PETRONAS Mesra online registration, what should I do?
    Please call Mesralink at 1 300 22 8888 and our team will assist you accordingly.

Points Expiry
  • Will my Mesra points expire?
    Yes. Points will expire after 3 years. However, your points will be void if there has been no activity in 6 consecutive months (transaction, and/ or redemption).

    Date Of Transaction Points Earned Points Balance Expiry Date
    1st May 2012 30 Points 30 31 May 2015
    15th May 2012 70 Points 100 (30+70) 31 May 2015

  • How do I avoid my accumulated points from expiring?
    To avoid your points from expiring, do not keep them for too long. You are advised to frequently redeem your points at any PETRONAS Stations (either on fuel or at our Mesra stores).

  • Can I extend my points expiration?
    No, you are not able to. The points will automatically expire in the system accordingly.

  • If I have just become a Mesra Member, will the points I have time soon?
    No, Mesra points accumulated will expire based on ‘First in, First out’”. For instance, all points earned in August 2012 will only be expired on 31 August 2015, 3 years later after the points have been acquired.

SMS Notifications
  • What is my points balance after this redemption?
  • How do I know if the SMS I received is a genuine SMS from PETRONAS?
    We will be consistently using the same short code. Please also be aware that we will never request for anything personal, especially bank accounts, via SMS. To confirm, please do not hesitate to call our Hotline.

  • What is RM0?
    It simply means that the notification is FREE of charge and it’s non-chargeable to our card members.

  • In the text, why use website address instead of the Hotline number?
    This is to inform our members that now you can check your points balance from our website with just simple clicks on our points checker icon.

  • What is PETRONAS Mesra Card Customer Service email address?
  • Can I reply to this SMS?
    No. This is a non-interactive SMS, thus customers will not be able to reply the SMS.

  • When will the notification be sent to me?
    • Redemption: Notification will be sent to you one day after you have performed the redemption at our station. The one day lap is for verification of the redemption transaction and to help prevent any fraudulent activity.
    • Points cancellation: Notification will be sent one month before your points expired. This is to enable card members to continue enjoying the privileges of earning and redeeming points at PETRONAS stations and thus avoid their points being cancelled.

  • Why am I receiving this SMS from PETRONAS Mesra?
    The SMS is a form of notification from PMLP to inform you that:
    • For Redemption: A redemption activity has been successfully performed via your Mesra card at our PETRONAS Station and/or
    • For Points Cancellation: No purchase/ redemption activity has been made via your Mesra card for the past 5 months and further inactivity will lead to points cancellation.
    • For contest or promotion: we frequently send in promotions or contests information via SMS. However, be aware of scams as our SMS are only informative and does not ask you to provide any personal details via SMS. When in doubt, call our Hotline at 1 300 22 8888.

  • Why did my points get cancelled?
    Under our Terms & Conditions Clause 9.1.1; failure of member to perform any qualifying transactions or/or qualifying redemption for a consecutive period of 6 months will result in cancellation. Thus to avoid this, do frequently perform transactions at any of our PETRONAS Stations.

  • What is the language used for the notifications?
    The notifications will be primarily in English. Should the notification be unclear and you require additional assistance, please call our Hotline at 1 300 22 8888 and our customer service executives will help to address your concern.

  • I didn't perform this redemption. How do I make a claim?
    Redemption transaction once accepted by PDB may not be revoked, cancelled, returned or exchanged. If you did not perform any transaction, but received an SMS on this, it could possibly mean that you have either lost your card, carrying someone else’s card, etc. Please call our Hotline at 1 300 22 8888 or email us at mesra@petronas.com.my to verify.

  • I don't have internet access. How do I create an online Mesra account?
    You need an internet access in order to open an online account. You need to register your email address in your Mesra application form or simply call our Hotline and update your details via our customer service executives. The online account will allow you to check your updated balance, transaction and as well as updating your personal details.

  • What is the points conversion in RM?
    1 Mesra point is equivalent to 1 cent.

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