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EV Charging Station
The largest charging network at station for a worry-free long travels
Taking into consideration the growing demand for Energy Efficient Vehicles (EEVs) and Electric Vehicles (EVs), our stations are equipped with EV charging facility for the convenience of our customers.

We have also integrated the EV charging facilities with the Setel app to ensure a seamless and frictionless customer experience.
Multiple charging providers
A wider coverage and convenience by being the largest EV charging provider at stations.
Easier fuelling & charging
There is no need to switch between apps as you can use Setel for vehicle charging and fuelling. Very easy, especially for hybrid vehicle users.
Monitor charging status.
Charge without worry as you can check the charging status in real-time and stop sessions when needed through Setel.
Faster, easier, & more Mesra
You’ll get Mesra points for every completed payment. How awesome is that?
How to charge an electric vehicle with Setel?
Find stations that are located along major highways.
  • DC Charger
  • ChargEV
  • DC Charger
    • Pulau Pinang

      1. Petrol Station Juru Layby
      2. Petrol Station BKE 2

    • Perak

      1. Petrol Station Jln Sultan Azlan Shah
      2. Petrol Station R&R Gunung Semanggol

    • Selangor

      1. Petrol Station KLS Arah Kuala Lumpur
      2. Petrol Station KLS, Arah Kuala Selangor
      3. Petrol Station R&R Awan Besar
      4. Petrol Station Elite Bukit Jelutong
      5. Petrol Station SKVE
      6. Petrol Station Grand Saga 2
      7. Petrol Station Grand Saga 3
      8. Petrol Station batu 3 Federal higway
      9. Petrol Station Kesas West Bound

    • Kuala Lumpur

      1. Petrol Station Penchala Link Arah KL
      2. Petrol Station Penchala Link Arah Damansara

    • Pahang

      1. Petrol Station Gambang West
      2. Petrol Station Gambang East

    • Negeri Sembilan

      1. Petrol Station Pedas Linggi
      2. Petrol Station Rasah

    • Johor

      1. Petrol Station Bandar Baru Air Hitam

  • ChargEV
    List of ChargEV at PETRONAS stations
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