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promo extended to 30 DECember 2021

Give your used cooking oil a second life!

Used Cooking Oil Collection

PETRONAS, in collaboration with the Ministry of Plantation and Commodities, proudly spearheads this initiative to promote the recycling of Used Cooking Oil (UCO). We believe in fostering a sustainable future and are committed to making the UCO recycling experience at PETRONAS stations, simpler and better for everyone.

By simply dropping off your used cooking oil at participating PETRONAS stations, you are not just decluttering your kitchen, you are helping to protect our waterways from pollution, promote circular economy and support the imminent production of Malaysia’s biofuels.

Together, we can make a difference. Start by collecting your used cooking oil in a suitable container and drop it off at a PETRONAS station near you.
Get cash for recycling!
Drop off your used cooking oil at selected PETRONAS stations with our buy-back initiative.
Let the used cooking oil cool and store in suitable containers
Drop off your used cooking oil at the selected station 


Sell ​​your used cooking oil at market price
*refer to selected stations near your location
Find a PETRONAS station near you and start selling your used cooking oil:

Select a state

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Used Cooking Oil (UCO)?

    Used Cooking Oil, also known as UCO, are oils and fats or byproducts that have been used for cooking or frying.1 UCO is typically found in the food processing industry, including restaurants, fast food establishments, and households.

  • Why is it dangerous to use cooking oil repeatedly?

    If you fry food on a regular basis, you can save the UCOs to be used in frying by straining it with a coffee filter or several layers of cheesecloths to remove any particles and crumbs.​

    Remember to change your cooking oil regularly for health reasons.2 Why? Because reusing cooking oil repeatedly3 can pose several health risks due to the chemical changes that occur during the cooking process.4

    Furthermore, each time you reuse the oil, its quality deteriorates and the smoke point (the temperature at which it will burn) decreases.​
  • What are the importance of disposing used cooking oil the right way?

    Disposing of used cooking oil improperly, such as pouring it directly into the sink or nearby drains, can have adverse effects on the environment and the community in general.​

    Among the negative impacts of disposing UCO improperly are:​
    1. Clogged pipes or drains.​5
    2. Attracting disease-carrying pests.​
    3. High costs for maintaining drainage systems.​6
    4. Flash floods due to clogged drainage systems.
  • What are the steps to recycle UCO?

    The steps to recycle UCO are:​
    1. After use, allow the used cooking oil to cool down. Then store the used cooking oil in a suitable container.​
    2. Refer to the location of the nearest selected PETRONAS station's used cooking oil collection centre.​
    3. Visit the station, drop off your used cooking oil, and receive cash payment.
  • What are the operating hours for the used cooking oil collection centre?

    The operating hours are from 9am to 3pm and are subject to change from time to time if there are weather factors that do not permit or pose harm to the operation. Please refer to the station before making a delivery.

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