Maintenance of Equipment

When you take care of something, it will always take care of you. This is the same when it comes to your storage facility and equipment. When they are maintained in good working condition, they enjoy a long and wonderful life. Just like you."
Taking Care of The Equipments
To do this is simple; appoint responsible personnel to conduct periodic inspections and keep records on the inspection and maintenance throughout the lifespan of the storage facility and equipment.

Further to that, as a measure to prevent occurrence of any undesired incident and equipment failure, follow the preventive maintenance actions and inspections displayed below.

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Fuel Tank
Fuel Storage Tank
Item Frequency
Ensure the ladder is in good working condition Daily
Clean and undertake proper housekeeping of the tank and the tank farm area against mud, sludge, grease, spilled fuel, debris, dried leaves etc Daily
Inspect the overall tank surface for visible leaks, dents or other damages Daily
Drain off the water from the tank through the drain point Daily
Repaint the tank, if severe peeling or rust is observed Yearly

Fuel Tank
Pipe and Fittings
Item Frequency
Inspect pipe and pipe fittings for visible leaks. Contain leaks by closing the valve of pipeline Daily
Inspect the pipelines supporting bracket or other supports for damage and alignment. Repair if necessary Daily
Inspect the level gauge (rubber hose) for leakage, damage and wear & tear. Change the level gauge if necessary Daily

Fuel Tank
Oil Interceptor
Item Frequency
Remove all debris from the oil interceptor Weekly /
After Rain
Remove sludge from the sandtrap of the oil interceptor Monthly
Scoop oil trapped in the interceptor and deposit in waste oil container Monthly

Fuel Tank
Item Frequency
Undertake proper housekeeping of the bundwall area. Clear drains from any dry leaves, debris, mud, sludge, etc Daily
Inspect the brickwall for cracks periodically. Repair any cracks observed Monthly

Fuel Tank
Item Frequency
Clean the external parts of the dispenser of grease, dust, dirt, cob-webs and other foreign materials using detergents and a damp cloth Daily
Inspect the general condition of fuel hoses for damages or deformation in shape. Replace the hose if severe cuts or deformation are noted on the hose Weekly
Inspect the general condition of the nozzle and breakway coupling. Tighten the couplings and joints if leaks appear at the joint Weekly
Inspect for loose, frayed, exposed, or twisted connections. Tighten all loose connections and ensure it is free of dust and dirt Monthly
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