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Driving Sustainability
Year on year, PDB continues to strengthen the sustainability of our operations through curated programmes and initiatives.

As Malaysia’s leading retailer and marketer of downstream petroleum products, PDB strives to contribute towards the Nation’s economy by ensuring sustainable financial performance, which translates to stable returns to shareholders as well as stimulating socio-economic opportunities for the local communities in areas where we operate.

We are committed to protecting the environment we operate in through full compliance with regulations and standards as well as robust operational management.

PDB recognises the value and impact of our business in the social ecosystem that we operate in. We are committed to operating safely, responsibly and reliably, and aligning our practices with acceptable business norms and the industry’s benchmarks.

Our aim is to drive awareness on our zero tolerance on corruption, in any form. Organisational effectiveness is central to long-term business competitveness. Our Shared Values of Loyalty, Integrity, Professionalism and Cohesiveness is the cornerstone to how we do business.
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