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PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad Expands [email protected] to Sarawak

Sibu, Sarawak, 11 December 2021 – PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad (PDB) today expanded its [email protected] initiative to Sarawak, which is expected to benefit local farmers and fishermen as well as other businesses along the supply chain, and customers.

[email protected] is a farmer-to-consumer concept that was first introduced in Peninsular Malaysia early this year in collaboration with the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (MDTCA) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries (MAFI). It is aimed at supporting the livelihood of local farmers by connecting them directly to consumers, whilst ensuring consumers have easy access to affordable fresh produce such as poultry, fish, vegetables, and fruits.

For the pilot phase in Sarawak, [email protected] will be available at four PETRONAS stations (PS) – PS Lanang Barat and PS Lanang 2 in Sibu as well as PS Matang Jaya and PS Astana in Kuching, with six more stations underway. The [email protected] at these stations will offer two local product categories, namely Ayam PERMATA products produced by Comerich Sdn Bhd and fish by the Sarawak Fishermen Association (PENESA).

Ayam PERMATA is an initiative under the Sarawak Economy Development Corporation (SEDC) to assist local farmers in penetrating the Halal market in the state with products guaranteed to be free of diseases, and hormone or antibiotic injections.

PENESA will supply a range of fish under the Q-Fish brand, which use Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) technology to ensure that the freshness is comparable with those sold in markets without the concern of deteriorating quality as they are not left exposed outdoors.

PETRONAS Vice President of Downstream Marketing Ahmad Adly Alias said, "The [email protected] initiative was first mooted by the Government and resonates well with our commitment to promote local businesses and entrepreneurs, in line with our sustainability agenda. Since its introduction, we received great response from our customers and this has led us to expand the initiative to East Malaysia so that more people can benefit from this.”

“By working with only local suppliers and adopting a farmer-to-consumer concept, [email protected] is able to provide our customers cost competitiveness, quality products, and at the same time boost the livelihoods of local farmers and fishermen through a shorter supply chain. This is in line with our promise of making our customers’ lives simpler and better,” he added.

During the event, RM10 Setel vouchers were distributed to the first 500 customers over a two-day period at PETRONAS Station Lanang Barat. The vouchers can be used to purchase [email protected] products, as well as fuel and Kedai Mesra items.

In Peninsular Malaysia, [email protected] is supported by MDTCA, MAFI, National Farmers Organization (NAFAS), National Fishermen's Association (NEKMAT) and Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA).

With the expansion plan in Sarawak, PDB targets to offer [email protected] at 50 PETRONAS stations by end of this year.

For more Information about [email protected], visit here.

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