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Our Vision

Brand of 1st Choice
Our success depends heavily on gaining and maintaining the trust of our customers. We are also fully cognisant of the importance of the long-term sustainability of our business and the value we seek to create for our various stakeholders. Thus, ‘Fuelling Growth’ is about balancing the immediate targets to maximise value whilst cultivating seeds to grow for the future.

Our Mission
Value-Driven Fuel Marketing with Market Leadership in Malaysia.

To be the ‘Brand of 1st Choice’, we are committed to delivering quality fuel products and reliable services to our consumers nationwide via our sound network of facilities and business partners. This market leadership is achieved by focusing on value, having in place a high performance-driven culture, ensuring operational and HSE excellence as well as prudent risk management and corporate governance best practices.

PETRONAS Cultural Beliefs
We believe that invigorating the Company culture will transform the organisation and deliver sustainable, safe, reliable and efficient performance. The focus is for everyone to embrace these beliefs in their work culture.
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