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What does smooth mean for your everyday drive?
A smoother journey means more than just a seamless ride. It's the thrill of gliding through traffic effortlessly with each gentle touch of the accelerator. It's the peace of mind, knowing that your vehicle is running at its best, with efficiency at its core, with smoothness as the result.

What makes up a smooth journey?
Effortless acceleration, reduced engine vibrations, and seamless gear shifts. Our fuel delivers you a reliable engine performance so you can Move Like Never Before, through these 3 advanced formulations.
*Compared to standard fuel.

What Malaysians say about our fuel?

PETRONAS Primax 95 with Pro-Drive has long fuelled Malaysian drivers on the road. Experience the same confidence and reliability that our loyal customers have come to love.

Station Finder

Find us at over 1,000 PETRONAS stations nationwide for a smoother drive.

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