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NEW: Terms & Conditions Updated!

Remarkable Rewards
PETRONAS Gift Card is a reloadable gift card that is practical at anytime and anywhere. It is hassle–free and allows you to conveniently purchase fuel at the pump.

Easy Topping-Up
You can make a real time top-up at any PETRONAS Station nationwide easily. The Gift Card can be used for payment of any products purchased from PETRONAS Station.

Fuel Up With Ease
Simply use the gift card at the station to pay for your fuel. However, the Gift Card cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash and is not a credit, debit or loyalty card.

Get It Now

Call Mesralink at 1300-88-8181.

Email Mesralink here.

Walk-in here.

NEW T&C: Transfer your PETRONAS Gift Card balance before 60-day expiry for validity; unused balance void after​

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