Contemporary Design and Innovation for an Exceptional Sensory Experience

1. Airtech Pininfarina
Car perfume designed by the famous Pininfarina. Air from vents is filtered at high speed to distribute fragrance evenly throughout the car through an innovative lateral grill. Easy to adjust.
Available in: Lavender, Ocean, Balsamic and Vanilla

2. Odor Cancel
Eliminates unpleasant odours from cars while sanitising them. Formulated to combat smoke smell and other odours. Refreshes and purifies interiors.
Available in: Ocean and Balsamic

3. Airtech Evolution
Car perfume with osmotic membrane filter. Contains scent and odour neutralisers to refresh interiors. Neutralises unpleasant smells like cigarette smoke, moisture, food, pets and more. Long lasting.
Available in: Sky, Aqua and Tropical

Fresca Foglia
A Unique Range of Fragrance and Packaging that is a Delightful Alternative to Traditional Fresheners
Fresca Foglia
Simply shake the miniature bottle to soak the highly absorbent Ajus wooden leaf in the fragrance.
Available in: Vanilla, Vetiver, Cool Water, Pour Homme, Pour Femme and Strawberry
Fresca Foglia
Felt paper car perfume. Adjust the amount of perfume released by gradually exposing the surface.
Available in: Frutti di Bosco, Pour Homme, Pino, Lime, Vanilla, Fresh Aria, Pour Femme, Passion, Relax, Emotion and Energy

Zen Essence
A Stylish and Sophisticated Car Freshener Line using Essential Oils
Zen Essence
Essential oil-based car freshener that comes in an elegant and distinctive bottle. Sophisticated and appealing.
Available in: Orchid, Bamboo, Geisha and Sandalwood
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