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Shop from the safety of your vehicle with
Now, you can contribute a food bank pack with Deliver2Me.
Redeem Mesra Points
Use your Mesra points to redeem a Food Bank pack via Mesra Rewards on the Setel App or web. Your contribution will be delivered to the state of your choice.
Now available at 145 PETRONAS stations in Klang Valley
Always busy and on-the-go? Wish you had time to purchase a kopi or roti? But… you’re worried about your safety. It’s also a hassle to park, enter and queue at Kedai Mesra.  

Introducing Deliver2Me! You can now purchase a wide selection of items from Kedai Mesra on-the-go. Just place your order from your vehicle and we’ll deliver it to you while you refuel. #WeSetelForYou #StaySaferWithSetel

Deliver2Me Operating hours: 8am to 8pm daily.
List of participating stations
We've made shopping safer, convenient and easy for you!
Shop safely
Purchase a wide selection of items from the safety of your vehicle and minimise contact at the station.
On-the-go convenience
Just shop from your vehicle and step out to refuel. Our crew will deliver your purchases straight to your vehicle.
Hassle-free experience
No more hassle of parking your vehicle, walking into the store or queueing to pay.
Earn Mesra points
You’ll automatically earn Mesra points! You no longer need to swipe physical Mesra Card at the counter.
NEW! Ramadan delights with Deliver2Me
From RM4.00
M@m Ramadan Raya 2 In 1 Pack
M@m Ramadan Raya 4 In 1 Pack

Shop at Segar@Mesra with Deliver2Me
Peladang Ayam Potong
RM10 / 1KG
Peladang Paha Ayam Tanpa Tulang
RM10 / 1KG
Q’fish Ikan Kembong
RM10 / 1KG
Q’fish Ikan Selar
RM10 / 1KG
Available at
PETRONAS Tmn Pelangi Semenyih  •  PETRONAS Prima Saujana 2  •  PETRONAS Persiaran Jaya  •  PETRONAS Unikeb Bangi 2
Purchase Kedai Mesra items with Deliver2Me
Product prices & availability vary for each station.
Wonda Kopi Tarik
Wonda Original
Wonda Extra Presso
Wonda Johor Coffee
Wonda Zero Max Latte
Wonda Latte
Honey B 250ml
Vida Salty Lychee 325ml
Milo Activego
Mesra Mineral 600ml
Coca Cola 500ml
Coca Cola Zero 500ml
Vanilla Coke 500ml
Pepsi 500ml
A W Root Beer 500ml
Calpis Grape 350ml
Calpis Mango 350ml
Calpis Original 350ml
F&N Season Teh Lemon Ais
Lipton Ice Lemon Tea Lemon 450ml
Minute Maid Pulpy Orange 300ml
Red Bull
Power Root Extra Honey 250ml
Birds Nest Drink Red Wolfberry
Nasi Lemak
Df Butter Croissant 30gm
Df Chicken Curry Puff 90g
Butter Croissant Closed
Mesra Bites Pizza Bread
Mesra Bites Cheese Stick
Mesra Bites Chicken Floss
Mighty White Spicy Chicken Floss Bun
Mighty White Flossy Bun Sambal Nasi Lemak Bun
Mighty White Pizza Bun
Mighty White Sambal Ikan Bilis Bun 60g
Mighty White Cream Roll Butter Sugar
Gardenia Delicia Toaster Waffles
Mighty White Cream Roll Chocolate
Gardenia Delicia Toaster Waffles Fresh Egg Vanilla
Gardenia Toaster Waffles Choccolate
Gardenia Delicia Sambal Bilis
Gardenia Bun Kacang Merah 60g
Gardenia Twiggies – CHOC-A-LOT
Gardenia Twiggies Cream Dream 80g
Gardenia Jagung
Gardenia Chocolate
Gardenia Original Classic Jumbo
Gardenia Original Classic
Gardenia Wholemeal
Gardenia Delicia Butter Scotch
Gardenia Delicia Choco Raisin
Massimo Duetto Blueberi
Massimo Favorito Choc Cream Roll
Massimo White Sandwich Loaf 600g
Massimo White Sandwich Loaf 400gm
7days Chocolate 60g
7days Vanilla 60g
Sinar Harian
The Star
Berita Harian
News Straits Time
Panactifast 10s Compack
Himalaya Salt
Himalaya Salt Ginger+lemon Flavour
Halls Xs Honey Lemon
Halls Xs Watermelon
Wrigleys Doublemint
Mentos Malesia Stick Mint
Mentos Fruit
Mentos Air Action 37g
Magnum Wrapper Classic
Magnum Almond 70g
Paddle Pop
Walls Tealive
Solero Split Mango 64ml
Tropicana Frozen Confection Lime Vanilla
Oreo Stick
Nestle Sundae Cup
Nestle Apple Sourz Flavoured 71ml
Nestle Icy Grape 60ml
Walls Top Ten Chocolate 73ml
Daily S Choc Wafer Cake
Super Rings
Cheezels Cheese 60g
Corntoz Hotz Spicy 50g
Go Bites Barbeque
Go Bites Hot Chilli
Mister Potato Hot Spicy 75g
Pringles Hot And Spicy
Pringles Smoky Bbq
Pringles Sour And Cream
Kit Kat 4f 35g
Nips Peanuts Chocolate 100g
Pocky Chocolate
Pocky Strawberry
Mini Chipsmore Double Choc Oats
Mini Chipsmore Original
Maggi Hot Mealz Curry 96g
Maggi Hot Cup Curry
How to use Deliver2Me​
Refuel with Setel as usual. You will receive a prompt to order Kedai Mesra items through Deliver2Me. Browse and add items to your cart.
Review your shopping cart. When you're done, click Checkout.
Key in your vehicle plate number so that we can identify and deliver your purchases to you. Click Pay to proceed.
Exit vehicle to refuel as usual. Our staff will pack and deliver the items to your vehicle.
*Terms and conditions apply. For more info, please refer to www.setel.my/referralterms
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the benefits of Deliver2Me?
    Deliver2Me is a new feature on Setel that allows you to purchase selected items on-the-go from Kedai Mesra, in the comfort of your vehicle. Just place your order and we’ll deliver it to you while you refuel. It’s perfect for people who are busy and on-the-go.
    1. Shop & pay in the comfort of your vehicle and we’ll deliver your purchase to you.
    2. No more hassle to park your vehicle and queues to pay at Kedai Mesra.
    3. Safe & hassle free experience for parents with young kids.
    4. It’s safer and helps you minimise contact & interactions in Kedai Mesra.
  • I’m at the designated Deliver2Me station. Why is this feature not available to me?

    Please update your app to start using this feature. Deliver2Me operating hours are from 8am to 8pm daily.

  • How will the crew identify & deliver my purchases to my vehicle?

    During checkout, you will be required to enter your vehicle plate number so that our crew can identify your vehicle and deliver your purchases to you.

  • How much Mesra points will I earn?

    You will earn 1x Mesra point for every RM1 spent on Deliver2Me.

  • Why is there so limited items to buy?

    We’re working towards adding more items in the near future. We appreciate your understanding on this.
    Do check this page for the latest items & promotions in store.

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