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Axxess Personal Accident Benefit Program has ended
on 15 April 2023
However, you can still enjoy the benefits until the end of May 2023.
Thank you for the
continuous support!
Frequently Asked Questions
  • I’m interested in the Axxess-Mesra Personal Accident (PA). How can I enjoy the PA benefits?

    We are ending the Axxess-Mesra Personal Accident (PA) on 15th April 2023.

    However, alternatively you can visit https://www.mymesra.com.my to get the latest ongoing promotions.
  • How do I entitle for the Axxess-Mesra Personal Accident (PA) Benefit? And when will I enjoy the benefits?

    You will need to spend a minimum of RM100 from 16th March to 15th April 2023 on fuel or items in Mesra store. You can then be eligible to enjoy the Personal Accident benefits from 1st – 31st May 2023.

    Please take note, the program will end on 15th April 2023, therefore the last spend will happen on the same day.

  • When would my Mesra points be deducted for the Personal Accident (PA) coverage?

    Your Mesra points will be deducted from your Mesra membership account by 16th April 2023.

  • Why is there a 2-week gap between my spending at PETRONAS and the Axxess-Mesra Personal Accident (PA) coverage?

    This is to accommodate for the processing time for Axxess to produce the certificate to eligible customers.

  • How will I know if I am covered for that month?

    You will receive an email from Axxess informing on your coverage status. Alternatively, you could download Axxess app to view the status.

  • If I spend less than RM100 for this month but I have more than 100 Mesra points left in my Mesra membership account, will I be eligible for the Personal Accident (PA) coverage in the following month?

    No. You would not be covered under the Axxess-Mesra Personal Accident (PA) insurance in the month of May 2023 (1st – 31st May 2023) if you did not spend a minimum of RM100 from 16th March – 15th April 2023 at PETRONAS despite having sufficient point balance left in Mesra membership account.

    Please take note, the program will end on 15th April 2023, therefore the last spend will happen on the same day.

  • I was not eligible for Axxess-Mesra Personal Accident (PA) coverage this month due to insufficient spending. Will I be covered next month if I spend more than RM100 at PETRONAS?

    Axxess-Mesra Personal Accident Benefit is ending on 15th April. Therefore, should you’re spending from 16th March 2023 to 15th April 2023 and did not meet the minimum spends of RM100, you will not be covered in the next month (May 2023).

  • How can myself / my beneficiary make a claim for the Axxess-Mesra Personal Accident (PA) coverage- insurance?

    You / your beneficiary will need to call Zurich for the validation and investigation before the claim could be issued to your beneficiary. Please contact Axxess at 1-300-30-2010 for more info on this.

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