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  • Winners List
  • Contest Prizes
  • Winners List

    Congratulations to all winners!

    Grand Prizes

    5 x iPhone 13 Mini

    5 x Samsung Tablet T500

    5 x RM1,000 Setel Voucher

    Consolation Prizes

    50 x RM 100 Setel e-Voucher
    200 x RM100 AEON Voucher
  • Contest Prizes
    Frontliners Cash Top up

    First 100 shortlisted frontliner will receive an RM500 cash top up for any prizes that they have won

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Mesra Food Hunt?

    Mesra Food Hunt is a Campaign curated by PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad (PDB) for customers to stand a chance to win attractive prizes worth up to RM50,000 when they spend RM10 in our Kedai Mesra using the Setel app.

  • When is the Campaign period?

    1 December 2021 – 31 January 2022.

  • Who can participate in the Campaign?

    This Campaign is open to customers who fulfill ALL the requirements below:

    1. Registered Setel members
    2. Customers holding Malaysian citizenship; and
    3. Customers aged eighteen (18) and above.

  • What are the prizes for the Campaign?

    There are a total of 265 prizes to be won valued at a total of RM50,000 as follows:

    Grand Prize
    Apple iPhone 13 Mini
    Samsung tablet T500
    RM1,000 Setel vouchers


    Consolation Prizes
    RM100 Setel vouchers
    RM100 AEON vouchers
    Total winners
  • How do I participate in the Campaign?

    • For every minimum spend of RM10 and above in a single transaction on items from Kedai Mesra (except cigarettes, prepaid top-ups, LPG Gas, Touch N’ Go, and e-Pay) via the Setel App, customers will be able to unlock a badge in the app and gain an entry to win prizes worth up to RM50,000.
    • To stand a chance to win the Consolation Prize, customers just need to meet the spend criteria of RM10 and above at Kedai Mesra using Setel App to unlock the badge. They can continue to unlock up to 20 badges for each transaction of RM10 and above at Kedai Mesra via Setel to gain entries to win the consolation prizes.
    • To stand a chance to win the Grand Prize, customers will need to fulfill an additional step by completing the Mesra Food Hunt challenge form which they will receive in their inbox app via the Setel App once they have unlocked their first badge. Customers can complete the challenge form anytime within the campaign period latest by 31 January 2022 to qualify for 1 entry to the Grand Prize draw.

  • What can I do to win the Grand Prize?

    Once you’ve spent RM10 on Kedai Mesra items Mesra (except cigarettes, prepaid top-ups, LPG (Gas PETRONAS), Touch N’ Go, and e-Pay), you will need to complete the Mesra Food Hunt challenge form that you will receive in your Setel app inbox after you’ve unlocked the first badge to gain an entry for the Grand Prizes draw.

    You can complete the challenge form anytime from the date you receive the form in your Setel app inbox up to the last date of the Campaign period (31 January 2022).

    Once you receive the entry to the Grand Prizes draw, you will be automatically included in the Consolation Prizes draw, but you will only be allowed to win ONE (1) prize for the campaign.

  • If I spent RM10 in Kedai Mesra with Setel but I do not complete the Mesra Food Hunt challenge form, what will I get?

    If you’ve spent RM10 on Kedai Mesra items Mesra (except cigarettes, prepaid top-ups, LPG Gas, Touch N’ Go, and e-Pay), you will unlock a badge on Setel App. You will receive an inbox message in your Setel app with a link to the Mesra Food Hunt challenge form. If you choose not to submit the form, you will still gain an entry to the Consolation prizes draw.

  • How do I increase my chances of winning?

    You can get bonus badges of up to 20 with every subsequent spend of RM10 in Kedai Mesra after unlocking your first badge.
    Each badge is equivalent to 1 entry to the draw.

  • How many questions do I need to answer for the Mesra Food Hunt challenge form?

    There are 8 main questions for the Mesra Food Hunt challenge form with regards to the Mesra Food Hunt.
    Participants will also need to fill in basic information with regards to their identification and consent to the Terms and Conditions of the Campaign.

  • When will the prizes be given to lucky winners?

    PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad (PDB) will facilitate the fulfillment of prizes to its best ability, to winners within 60 days after the winner announcement.

  • Can I exchange my prize to cash?

    No, the prize is not exchangeable to cash.

  • Am I still eligible to participate in the Mesra Food Hunt if I’m not using Setel?

    No. Participants will need to use the Setel App in order to participate in the Mesra Food Hunt.

  • Are all PETRONAS stations participating in the Campaign?

    No, only selected PETRONAS stations with Kedai Mesra are participating the Campaign. Click here to see the list of participating stations.

  • Why is the purchase of cigarettes, Touch N' Go, E-Pay and “Non Royalty” items excluded from the spend criteria?

    PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad (PDB) would like to promote selected Kedai Mesra items that do not include cigarettes, LPG Gas, Touch N' Go, and E-Pay.

  • Why is this Campaign only limited to selected stations with Kedai Mesra and not others?

    These promotional items are only available in Kedai Mesra.

  • Can PETRONAS & Setel staff take part in this Campaign?

    No, all PETRONAS Group of companies, its subsidiaries including Setel Ventures Sdn Bhd and their immediate family members, and agency/organisation who are involved in organising this Campaign will not be eligible to participate.

  • How do I download Setel?

    Setel can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play, Huawei AppGallery via this link.

  • Where can I read the full Terms and Conditions of the Campaign?

    You can read the full terms and conditions of the Campaign here.

  • How will I be informed that I am the winner for this Campaign?

    Shortlisted winners will receive a call from PETRONAS Mesralink to verify their details and to answer simple question before declaring them as winners.

    Eligible winners will also receive an official email from PETRONAS to notify about winning and how to claim the prize from PETRONAS.

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