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Grab Mesra Fuel Savers Programme
Register via Setel app to get a virtual Mesra Card today!
Grab Mesra Fuel Savers Programme
Enjoy Bonus Points with Grab Mesra Fuel Savers Programme

Available to Silver, Gold & Platinum driver-partners nationwide. Grab drivers must download Setel app and link their Mesra Card to be entitled for Grab Fuel Savers programme starting on 31 July 2022 until 31 October 2022.

How does this programme work?

It’s easy, spend the minimum monthly amount stated below, either by fueling up or making purchases from Mesra stores to be eligible for the bonus points. You will receive your bonus points in your Mesra Card in the following month, and use as a rebate to ease your fuel expenses! Here’s how it works:

Minimum Monthly Spend Requirement
RM 100
RM 450
RM 850
Silver100 Mesra bonus points
(worth RM1)
500 Mesra bonus points
(worth RM5)
1400 Mesra bonus points
(worth RM14)
Gold100 Mesra bonus points
(worth RM1)
1000 Mesra bonus points
(worth RM10)
3100 Mesra bonus points
(worth RM31)
Platinum100 Mesra bonus points
(worth RM1)
1300 Mesra bonus points
(worth RM13)
3700 Mesra bonus points
(worth RM37)
How do I sign up for this programme?

  1. Click here to register for a digital Mesra Card (if you don't have one).
  2. Launch your Grab driver app and click on ‘GrabBenefits’.
  3. Click ‘Grab Fuel Savers Programme’ Voucher.
  4. Click ‘Save This Benefit’.
  5. Click ‘Use Now’ (you will only need to opt-in once)
  6. Fill up the form and click ‘Opt in’.
  7. Start spending and receive your bonus point in the following month.

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