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Be smart, be like Marissa!
Hello, meet Marissa!
She is a Mesra member since 2020, and has been collecting points every time she visits PETRONAS stations. Now, Marissa has a total accumulative of 3,000 Mesra points as of May 2022!

Marissa spends RM70/week to refuel.

She spends RM10 at Kedai Mesra few times a week.

Marissa travels monthly with AirAsia to "balik kampung".

Now, Marissa has 3,965 Mesra points as of June 2022!


With only 100 Mesra points, Marissa is now covered with PA protection up to RM15k per month!

Marissa walks into Kedai Mesra and gets to enjoy refreshments just by redeeming her Mesra points!

Middle of the month? Fret not, Marissa refuels her car using only Mesra points!

Marissa grabs great deals under 1,000 Mesra points during the Flash Sale via Setel app or website!

Marissa is smart and enjoyed lots of savings. Be like Marissa!
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