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AXXESS COVID-19 Protect Insurance
Exclusive for PETRONAS MESRA members with purchase of Axxess Covid-19 Insurance
Mesra members will be entitled to 10% discount for purchase of either Plan. Additionally, Mesra members who purchase either Plan will be entitled to a 5% rebate on Motor Vehicle Insurance renewal with Axxess panel of insurance companies. The promotion only valid until 31 December 2020.
Covid-19 pandemic is both scary and worrying. We need to stay at home to be safe. But, there is another danger lurking that can infect us anywhere, even within the security of our homes.

Dengue! Yes, dengue is just as alarming, widespread and dangerous. Refer to the government statistics below for the period 29 Dec 2019 to 28 May 2020.
At AXXESS, we care and we want to protect you!

Due to overwhelming response, we are launching a new version of our successful Covid-19 Insurance. What's more, we are now giving you the option to extend the coverage to include Dengue! Now, for the first time, you are able to protect your family and yourself, from two dangerous and highly infectious diseases, that are threatening us right at our doorstep.
Covid-19, Accident, Dengue
Low cost, high value protection of up to RM12,000 cash!
AXXESS Covid-19 Protect
AXXESS Covid-19 Protect Plus
Covid-19 + Accident
Covid-19 + Accident + Dengue
BenefitsCash RM2,000 Upon Hospitalisation due to Covid-19
Cash RM10,000 Death due to Covid-19 or Accidental Death
Cash RM2,000 Upon Hospitalisation due to Covid-19 or Dengue
Cash RM10,000 Death due to Covid-19 or Accidental Death or Dengue
3 Months
3 Months
RM28.50 (Only 31 sen a day)
RM36.50 (Only 39 sen a day)
For All Malaysian only. From age of one (1) month to sixty-five (65) years old.
RM1 will be donated for each policy sold
We know there are many people in need of assistance during these difficult times. We care and we want to help. Accordingly we will be donating RM1 from each policy sold to a Covid-19 charitable cause.
Only 3-steps to get you and your family protected!
  1. Click BUY NOW below
  2. Complete your personal particulars
  3. Proceed to Pay
For Group Purchases, please email us at enquiry@shieldcard.com.my with your name, email address and mobile contact number.
For payment purposes, you will be directed to the Perks’ website and payment gateway. Perks is a member of the AXXESS group of companies.
By proceeding to purchase the AXXESS Covid-19 Insurance, you are deemed to agree to the terms of the AIA Policy and Shieldcard Holdings T&C.
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