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5X Mesra Points exclusively for Grab Ambassadors
Pomotion for Grab Ambassadors only.
Keep enjoying exclusive benefits of Mesra Grab only if you continue driving exclusively with Grab as a Grab Ambassador.
For new Kad Mesra Grab, please register your card. To change your Kad Mesra to Kad Mesra Grab, please call our Mesra Hotline at 1 300 22 8888.
Collect 5X Mesra Points at PETRONAS stations nationwide with any purchase of fuel and Kedai Mesra items.For more information and for Terms & Conditions, please click here:
With your collected Mesra Points, you can redeem fuel or Kedai Mesra items at PETRONAS stations nationwide.

3 ways to check your Mesra Points balance:
Transaction receipt or with any of our Krew PETRONAS, Call Mesra Hotline at 1 300 22 8888, or login to Kad Mesra
FAQs for PETRONAS Mesra Grab Card
Words Used
Transactions done at the PETRONAS Stations
All redemptions done at PETRONAS Stations, online and related merchants
Points Adjusted
Adjustment made due to discrepancies if any
Points Redeemed
Total redeemed points as of current date
Available Points
Points available and redeemable
Opening Points
Points balance from previous cycle date
Reference No.
Reference number of transaction, available on transaction receipt and transaction history on the PETRONAS Mesra Loyalty Programme website
Merchant Name
Name of PETRONAS Station/Merchants where transactions are done
Debit Adjustment
Points transferred/debited to account
Credit Adjustment
Points transferred/credited from account
Card Status
Shows the status of the card. There are several possible status pertaining to your PETRONAS Mesra card. They are:

Issued: Card is not registered with us but points can be earned. However, points cannot be redeemed. Please contact our Hotline at 1 300 22 8888 to activate your card.

Card is registered and active, points can be earned and redeemed.

Card is suspended due to fraud or any other possible reasons. Points cannot be earned nor redeemed. Please call our Mesra Hotline at 1 300 22 8888 or email at mymesra@petronas.com.my for further enquiries.

Card is closed due to lost of card, transfer of card, or any other reason. Please call our Mesra Hotline at 1 300 22 8888 or email at mesra@petronas.com.my for further enquiries.
Points Expiry
Points ageing. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for full explanation on this.
Points Cancellation
Points are cancelled due to no transaction using the card for 6 months consecutively, which includes transaction of earning or redeeming.
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