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PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel

Superior Economy Superior Reliability
Beyond just simple fuel, the experts at PETRONAS Fluid Technology Solution™ re-engineered PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel to deliver more.

From Rally to Road
Formulated to deliver superior fuel economy and a smoother drive.

PETRONAS & The Dakar Rally
PETRONAS is the technical partner to IVECO in The Dakar Rally, the world’s most extraordinary challenge.

What the Expert Say
"PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel is designed by Fluid Technology™ experts and developed through The Dakar Rally experience which cleans engine, restores power and provides better combustion for superior economy and reliability."
Hafiz Aziz, PETRONAS Fuel Expert

Dynamic Experience
Relive The Experience with PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel.

Station Finder
PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel gives you superior fuel economy and reliability.
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