High Quality Extreme Pressure Hypoid Gear Oils
PETRONAS GL-4 oils are high quality, thermally stable, mild-extreme pressure automotive hypoid gear oils formulated to exceed the API GL-4 performance level.
It is designed and manufactured from premium quality base oils and carefully selected additives system to provide high level of protection for hypoid gears and other heavily loaded gears, in general, where API GL-4 performance is required.
Customer Benefits
  • High load carrying ability - the special high performance EP additives systme provide high level of protection against gear tooth wear and scoring.
  • Superior thermal and oxidation stability - the highly refined base oil and special inhibitor system provide superior oxidation stability to high temperature oil degradation and oil thickening to ensure deposit do not form around seal and helps maintain clean bearing surfaces to minimize wear.
  • Non-corrosive to steel - the special mild-extreme pressure additives and corrosion inhibitor system is non-corrosive towards sensitive copper alloy components and protects ferrous metals against rusting in the presence of moisture.
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Applications Recommended for the lubrication of manual transmissions and transaxles (particularly where the manufacturer specifically advices against the use of API GL-5 lubricants), hypoid, spur, bevel, helical, spiral-bevel and worm gears in differentials, transfer cases and steering mechanisms. It is also suitable for use in gearboxes, final-drives and power take-offs on farm and earth-moving machinery.
  • API Gl-4
  • MIL-L-2105
Product Typicals
Characteristics 80 80W-90 85W-140 90 140
Density @ 15 °C, kg/l 0.897 0.887 0.908 0.898 0.907
ASTM Colour 2.5 3.0 4.0 3.0 3.5
Pour Point, °C -9 -27 -15 -9 -9
Flash Point, °C 225 226 228 210 228
Kinematic Viscosity, cSt          
@ 40 °C 112 134 410 195 429
@ 100 °C 12.0 14.1 28.6 17.3 29.0
Viscosity Index 95 103 97 95 95
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