AXXESS Mesra Personal Accident Benefit


All registered Mesra Card members will now enjoy Free One Month PA Benefit which will be effective on the 1st day of the following month. Takaful package is also available to those who
prefer this option.

You can continue to enjoy PA Benefit for the following months by first registering at Then all you need to do is to spend a minimum RM100 every month at any PETRONAS station nationwide and 100 Mesra Points which is equivalent to RM1 will be deducted from your Mesra account and you will be covered monthly with:

** Terms and conditions apply.

Not only that, by registering your Mesra Card, you will be automatically enrolled into the AXXESS Programme where you get to earn points at participating merchants around the nation to help you reduce or pay in full your annual motor insurance premiums***.

Sign-up for Mesra Card now and enjoy your Free One Month PA Benefit and also other exciting rewards.

  • I’m interested for the Mesra Personal Accident (PA), how can I enjoy the PA benefits?
    You will need to register here to enjoy the PA benefits.

  • Do I have to sign up as AXXESS member to enjoy the PA benefits?
    Yes, you will automatically be registered as an AXXESS member once you sign up for the PA benefits. If you do not agree to sign up to be an AXXESS member, you are not able to enjoy the Mesra PA.

  • How much do I have to spend at PETRONAS in order to be covered for the PA?
    You will need to spend a minimum of RM100 monthly on fuel or Mesra Store items, except for cigarettes and top-ups i.e Touch N Go and mobile prepaid to be eligible for the PA benefits.

  • Is the PA coverage benefit FREE for Mesra members?
    Yes. All existing and newly registered Mesra Card members will automatically receive free one month PA Benefit starting on the 1st of the following month. To continue enjoying PA Benefit for the following month, members will need to spend minimum RM100 and 100 Mesra Points will be deducted from Mesra Card account.

  • What is the monthly spending period at PETRONAS in order to qualify for the PA coverage?
    The monthly spending will be tracked from every 16th to 15th of the subsequent month to determine the eligibility of the PA coverage for the following month. 

  • When would my PA coverage start for each month?
    The PA coverage will be from 1st to 31st of every month eligible for coverage. 

  • When would my Mesra Points be deducted for the PA coverage?
    Your Mesra Points will be deducted from your card by the end of every month.

  • Why is there a 2 weeks gap between my spending at PETRONAS and the PA coverage?
    This is to cater for the processing time to produce the certificate to eligible customers for the following month. 

  • How will I know if I am covered for that month?
    You will receive an email informing on your coverage status or alternatively you could download AXXESS app to view the status. 

  • If I spend less than RM100 for this month but I have more than 100 Mesra Points left in my Mesra card, will I be eligible for the PA coverage in the following month?
    No, you would not be covered under the PA insurance if you did not spend minimum RM100 at PETRONAS despite having sufficient points left in the card. 

  • I was not eligible for PA this month due to insufficient spending, will I be covered next month if I spend more than RM100 at PETRONAS?
    Yes, you would be covered in the following month if you spend minimum RM100 this month. 

  • Can my spending be cumulative in order to enjoy the PA benefits, e.g. I spend RM40 this month and spend RM60 the following month?
    No, the spending cycle will be renewed monthly between 16th and 15th of the following month.

  • How can myself / my beneficiary make a claim for the PA coverage insurance?
    You or your beneficiary will need to call Zurich for validation and investigation before the claim could be issued to your beneficiary. Please contact Zurich at 1-300-30-2010 for more info on this. 

  • What is the benefit of the AXXESS card?
    You will be able to earn AXXESS points from participating merchants and use AXXESS Points to minus off Motor Insurance Premium. Please contact AXXESS at 1-300-30-2010 on this.

  • Is Mesra personal accident insurance still valid even though I have insurance coverage for my own insurance?
    Yes. The Mesra Personal accident insurance coverage is still valid even if you have personal accident insurance coverage from other insurance companies.
  • Is Takaful option available for the Mesra PA Benefit?
    Yes. You may choose for the Takaful option during registration.

  • Can I switch to the Takaful option if I have already signed up for the conventional?
    Please contact Axxess at 1-300-30-2010 to switch the PA Benefit to Takaful.

* 100 Mesra Points which is equivalent to RM1 will be deducted from your accumulated points.

**To continue to enjoy PA Benefit for the following months, you must spend at least RM100 at PETRONAS stations from 16th to 15th of each month and 100 Mesra points will be deducted from your Mesra account for the subsequent month for the PA Benefit. The same spending amount and period cycle will have to be repeated monthly to continue the PA Benefit.

***Upon completion of the above sign up, you are automatically registered for the AXXESS Programme. Your AXXESS virtual card is available for FREE by downloading and installing the AXXESS App on your mobile device via Google Play for Android users and App Store for iOS users.
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