NGV Lube

Premium Quality Natural Gas Engine Oil for Passenger Cars
PETRONAS NGV LUBE is specially engineered premium quality gas engine oil intended for the lubrication of a mono-fuel NGV, CNG, LPG and dual-fuel automotive engine.
Formulated with unconventional, premium quality group base oils fortified with advanced high performance detergent-dispersant additives tailor-made for optimum cleansing for automotive gas engines operating in typically high combustions temperature to ensure excellent chemical and thermal stability, excellent resistance to oxidation and nitration, excellent sludge and ash deposits control, superior engine cleanliness and excellent anti corrosion properties.
Its advanced Salicylate and DPA additive technology with ultimate performance protect against oxidation and nitration ensure cleaner performance in heavy duty application.
Customer Benefits
  • Prevents valve torching and recession
  • Extended drain intervals as natural gas is not liquid so hardly any oil contamination
  • Superior cleanliness and wear protection
  • Superior oxidation and nitration protection
  • Prevents spark plug fouling and thus keeps your spark plugs working longer
  • Low maintenance costs and extending oil change intervals to give superior fuel economy benefits
  • Prolonged engine life and maintaining engine power
Find out what the PETRONAS Fluid Technology SolutionsTM can do for your vehicle

Applications Recommended for use in Japanese, European, and North American vehicles operating on natural gas or LPG automotive engines, heavy duty dual-fuel gasoline converted engines, or mono-fuel diesel converted engines.
Product Typicals
Characteristics SAE 15W-40
Density @ 15 °C, kg/l 0.8746
Pour Point, °C -19
Flash Point, °C 224
Kinematic Viscosity, cSt
@ 40 °C 110
@ 100 °C 13.2
Viscocity Index 123
Cold Cranking Visc.@ -20 °C, cP 6,511
Sulfated Ash, %wt 0.47
TBN, mg KOH/g 0.47
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