Premium Quality High-Mileage Engine Oil
PETRONAS M-PLUS is a premium quality SAE 20W-50 multi-grade engine oil specially formulated for the lubrications of passenger car and light duty truck especially those with mileage above 120,000 km.
Formulated with premium quality base oils and high performance additives technology fortified with advanced seal conditioners, special anti-oxidants, anti-wear and detergent systems to protect seals from oil leaks, provide excellent engine cleanliness, protection against wear and tear, and prolonged durability for engines with high mileage.
Customer Benefits
  • Excellent seal conditioners technology to protect seals from oil leaks and optimizes oil consumption through balanced formulations, outstanding oxidation and thermal stability
  • Superior engine cleansing formula for stubborn carbon deposits typically associated with high mileage vehicles
  • Superior wear protection while maintaining optimal engine operation at all time especially during cold crank start up
  • Highly shear stable and efficient elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication conditions especially in high thermal stress regimes
  • Special anti-oxidants to maintain oil properties especially at high temperature operations
Find out what the PETRONAS Fluid Technology SolutionsTM can do for your vehicle

  • Highly recommended for use in vehicles with mileage of 120,000 km or higher.
  • Suitable for low mileage vehicles where SAE 20W-50 grade and API SJ/CF is recommended.
Product Typicals
Characteristics SAE 20W-50
Density @ 15 °C, kg/l 0.8743
Pour Point, °C -25
Flash Point, °C 245
Kinematic Viscosity, cSt
@ 40 °C 145.8
@ 100 °C 18.4
Viscocity Index 141
TBN, mg KOH/g 6.5
ASTM Colour 2.5
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