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PETRONAS Aviation Technical Services Assistance (TSA) is a full-fledged services which include wide range of services, including:

Inspection Services
An international & independent inspection by specialists to ensure the facility meets international standards and practices. The inspection services shall take place at all locations as determined by customers. The inspection frequency shall be once a year per location. A comprehensive report shall be prepared within the agreed days from the date of inspection.

Technical Advice & Consultation Services
PETRONAS Aviation is able to provide advice and consultation in respects of product quality and specifications, use of additives and other technology to ensure good quality and efficient services to airline customers. 

PAV also able to provide Project Consultancy services, in respect of new projects, which shall include, but not limited to, design studies, preparation of drawings, specifications and tender documents and such other technical advices and/or assistance which may be agreed between parties.

Technical Information Updates & Reference Material
In ensuring efficient operations the relevant latest updates shall be distributed as per standards provided by JIG, IATA, EI etc.

Health Safety & Environment (HSE)
HSE is of utmost importance to all PETRONAS operations. We always ensure that our Aviation terminal are equipped with sufficient HSE facilities. PETRONAS Aviation has developed an integrated HSE management system.

Technical Training Provision
PETRONAS Aviation shall provide comprehensive professional training in the area of Aviation Operations,
Maintenance as well as other areas. The training shall be conducted in separate sessions at a location which will be mutually agreed by both parties to suit both classroom and practical.  

Customers may also request the training session to be conducted in conjunction with the inspection visit. The participants shall be given a training materials for future reference. All personnel that undergone the training will be provided with a certification.

List of training conducted in the past includes:
  1. Introduction to international governing and other bodies for Jet Fuel
  2. Product knowledge, supply chain and quality assurance program
  3. Fuel filtration system in the jet fuel supply chain
  4. Airport depots and hydrant operation
  5. Inspection and maintenance program for critical equipment
  6. EI/JIG Standard 1530 Training
  7. HSSE & Operations Training
  8. Hydrant Pit & Coupler refresher training
  9. Metering system & Calibration training
  10. Maintenance training on aviation hose
  11. Aviation fuel filteration system
  12. Product inspector (refresher) course
  13. Aviation fuel quality for helicopter operations

Other Ancilliary Services
PETRONAS Aviation also offers additional services to complement our aviation technical area including Aviation Liability Insurance coverage; sales and marketing services and business development.
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