Nurturing Human Capital to Fuel Business Growth

In 2013, PDB embarked on a career pathing exercise, specifically for technical executives specialising in terminal operation management and general project management, to provide a holistic view of various career opportunities available to them within PDB.
Growth At Work: Human Capital Development
Recognising that human capital is an integral part of fuelling PDB’s business growth, the Company is fully committed to continue nurturing and growing its talent pool at all levels.

PDB’s human capital development programme is anchored in three (3) key areas, namely:

Learning and Capability Building
Learning and Capability Building
PDB invested a total of RM12.0 million in employee learning and development programmes, with external trainings amounting to 35% of the total investment and the remaining 65% for internal trainings.
Succession Management
Succession Management
In 2013, PDB undertook rigorous talent reviews involving 66 potential leaders and 13 senior management candidates. In addition, it also identified succession plans for 39 critical positions to ensure a pipeline of robust and dynamic talents.

This resulted in the ratio of identified “Ready Now” successors to critical positions within PDB to be 2.4:1, a marked improvement over last year’s 2:1. Alongside this, PDB also extended succession management efforts across the region into PEPI, PVL and PIMTCL.
Leadership Development
Leadership Development
PETRONAS Leadership Centre (PLC) in collaboration with global renowned universities, including the Duke Corporate Education, the University of Melbourne and the French Institute of Petroleum, has developed
several leadership programmes to identify, cultivate and groom the Company’s potential leaders and top talents.
Recognising that human capital is an integral part of fuelling PDB's business growth, the company is fully committed to continue nurturing and growing its talent pool at all levels."
Safety At Work: Health, Safety & Environment
As part of our strategy to maintain a safe and healthy work environment, we are committed to implement various initiatives to eliminate workrelated Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) incidents. Collectively, as a corporate entity alongside our employees and contractors, we share the responsibility to make health, safety and environment a top priority in our day-to-day operations.
Safety At Work: Health, Safety & Environment
In line with this goal, we continue to uphold the HSE performance at our workplace through risk assessments, HSE programmes, Zero Tolerance (ZeTo) safety rules and assurance audits. Our HSE Management System sets the framework for continual improvements through the application of consistent performance standards across the Company’s entire operations.

HSE Performance
In 2013, the overall injury rate has reduced despite an increase in the number of activities and risk exposure. Total work-related incidents were reduced following the dip in Total Reportable Cases Frequency (TRCF) of 0.60 compared to 0.81 in 2012. Lost Time Injuries Frequency (LTIF) declined to 0.12 from 0.23 compared to the corresponding period last year.

Key Initiatives, Activities And Programmes
HSE Leadership Programme
During the year under review, PDB rolled out the HSE Leadership Programme, aimed at creating leadership
capabilities amongst participants. This was achieved via identifiable and measurable behavioural traits in an effort to utilise these leadership capabilities to enhance the HSE Management System and in line with the HSE Capability Development Matrix.
HSE Legal Awareness Seminar
On 30 October 2013, the HSE Department organized the HSE Legal Awareness Seminar in which over 60 staff, stakeholders from business lines (Retail, LPG, Lubricants, Commercial and Supply & Distribution) and
HSE practitioners within the Company took part. Speakers were invited from various regulatory and expert bodies including the Department of Occupational Safety and Health of Malaysia (DOSH), the Department of Environment, Malaysia (DOE), the Energy Commission, the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia and
the Ministry of Domestic Trade Co- operatives and Consumerism. The speakers shared their perspective on the various regulations and emphasised the need for full compliance with the provisions of the laws and regulations related to HSE.

Retail HSE DayM
The inaugural Retail HSE Day 2013 was successfully organised on 23 September 2013 in conjunction with the official launch of the 2013 Retail HSSE Safety Manual. Besides instilling safety practices amongst the participants, the event was also a platform to share HSE experiences and to promote HSE leadership within the organisation. More than 300 participants from Retail Operations Department, Retail Engineering, Rakan Niaga Task Force members, vendors and suppliers, key government agencies including DOSH, Fire and Rescue Department, Polis DiRaja Malaysia and a private hospital participated in the event.
Healthy Workforce
Our initiatives and activities in 2013:
  • Stress Survey
  • Health Talks
  • Health Screening
  • Hazard and Effect Management Process
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Fire Safety Adequacy Review
  • PETRONAS Environment Site Risk Assessment
Training and Competency
Emergency Preparedness
Training and Competency
  • HSE Training
    PDB recognises that the frequency and severity of health, safety and environmental incidents can be significantly reduced when adequate training is provided to employees to raise their level of competency.

  • Permit to Work Training
    In July 2013, HSE Department had reviewed the existing PDB Permit to Work (PTW) procedures. The training for PTW is mandatory for PDB employees and contractor personnel. The HSE Department organised eight PTW training sessions between August and December 2013. Over 200 employees including Territory Managers, Superintendents, Maintenance Supervisors, Operation Supervisors, Technicians, Project Engineers and Project Supervisors were trained to implement the PTW system.

  • RSOD Northern Region HSE Refresher and Technical Product Knowledge
    Retail Sales and Operations Department (RSOD) Northern Region organised a HSE Refresher and Technical Product Knowledge for 180 Rakan Niaga (RN) and Krew PETRONAS (KP) supervisors in the region on 15 May 2013. The objective of the workshop was to equip and enhance participants’ knowledge on our products and services as well as safety at our facilities.
Emergency Preparedness
As part of its business continuity plan, PDB continued to conduct various exercises to ensure that the Company is prepared for any emergency. For the year under review, PDB conducted OPS Rentas, a Tier 3 Crisis Management Exercise in August 2013 at the PETRONAS Twin Towers to test the preparedness level of the Business Continuity Management Team (BCMT) in managing and responding to a crisis situation. In addition, Tier 2 Table Top Exercises were conducted at all regions throughout 2013 to test and train the Regional Emergency Management Team (EMT). In total, four Tier 2 Table Top Exercises have been conducted.

Regional Operations
In line with the integration of our regional operations, PDB successfully completed the alignment programme for its international subsidiaries in the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand covering key areas of:
  • HSE Management System
  • Emergency Management Team
  • Incident Notification, Reporting and Investigation Procedure
  • Fire Safety Assessment
  • Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • HSE Training as per Training Matrix
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