Embracing Long-term Sustainability

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) in the Community
In 2012, PDB established the Mentor-Mentee programme in collaboration with the Department of Occupational Safety and Health, Kuala Lumpur. In a short span of less than two (2) years, PDB has successfully completed this community outreach programme in support of the National Occupational Safety and Health Master Plan 2015. During the year under review, PDB conducted five (5) programmes including First Aid Training during Minggu Hal Ehwal Murid (HEM Week), HSE Inspection at SMK Padang Tembak, Scheduled Waste Management Training, Safety at PETRONAS Station Training, as well as Safe Handling of Chemical and its Safe Use.
PDB has continued to focus its Corporate Social Responsibility programmes towards the core areas of environmental conservation, road safety and community-based initiatives. This year has been more meaningful for PDB with the introduction of a number of new strategic initiatives to solidify PDB’s commitment to the community.
Road Safety
As the Brand of 1st Choice for motorists, PDB continues to play its role in advocating road safety through its flagship road safety campaign, the PETRONAS Coffee Break for the 14th consecutive year. The nationwide Coffee Break Campaign aims to educate, equip and encourage motorists to adopt road safety measures while driving back to their hometowns, especially during the festive seasons.

Similar to previous years, PDB offered complimentary snacks and beverages during the campaign period at 33 PETRONAS Stations located along the highways and major trunk roads across Malaysia. The Company also partnered with Petrosains to share practical road safety tips as well as collaborated with PERODUA to offer complimentary vehicle inspection at the selected stations.

As part of the Campaign, PDB also fuelled 50 St John Ambulance Malaysia’s vehicles for their 24-hour highway emergency service during the campaign period, for the 19th consecutive time. A total of RM40,000 has been contributed to fuel the ambulances during the festive seasons in 2013.

Since its inception, the PETRONAS Coffee Break Campaign has reached out and benefited over a million motorists during the Hari Raya and Chinese New Year balik kampung exodus.

Within the road safety platform, PDB also conducted the PETRONAS ‘Street Smart’ programme for more than 1,000 students in the East Coast region. The programme featured workshops which incorporated games and hands-on educational activities to highlight the importance of road safety.
Road Safety
Community-based Initiatives
Community-based Initiatives
Community-based Initiatives
As a responsible corporate citizen, PDB, along with its customers, also contributed to the well-being of the public workers who were on duty outdoors during the haze that hit the country in July 2013. Recognising the importance of keeping oneself hydrated during this season, PDB gave away 20,000 bottles of Mesra mineral water to the public workers including postmen, police and road cleaners whom the Company recognised as the ‘Modern Day Heroes’.

In line with the Company’s tradition of sharing joy during the holy month of Ramadhan with the local communities, PDB continued to sponsor the Gas PETRONAS cylinders, aprons and chef hats to the various Bubur Lambuk cooking events held across the country in 2013. These events reflect the Company’s commitment to reach out and be an active participant in the local communities where PDB operates.
Moving Forward
Since its inception, PDB has enjoyed steady growth in its business and operations. This success is attributable to the responsible and sustainable management it has pursued over the years. PDB is well aware that in its journey ahead, it must continue to embrace policies, practices and procedures that clearly outline its commitment to deliver sustainable and long term value to its stakeholders.
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