Football Arena PETRONAS

Fuel up RM40 with PETRONAS Primax or purchase 2 Football Combo at Kedai Mesra for a chance to win great prizes!
Join in on the fun and participate in Arena Bola PETRONAS from 11 June – 22 July to stand a chance to win Adidas shopping vouchers worth RM3,000! Just spend RM40 on PETRONAS Primax or purchase 2 Football Combos at Kedai Mesra and swipe your Mesra card!
Step 1:
Fuel up with RM40 PETRONAS Primax 


buy 2x Football Combos
Step 2:
Whatsapp ‘HI PETRONAS’ to 016-341 8807
Step 3:
Follow the steps sent to your phone to upload an image of your receipt
Step 4:
Swipe Mesra card for 3x more entries

Terms and conditions apply.

  • When does the campaign start?
    Starting 11th June 2018, 12.00 am to 22nd July 2018, 11.59pm

  • Are all stations participating in this campaign?
    Yes, all stations are participating in this campaign.

  • How to customers participate in the campaign?
    • Customers who purchase petrol ( PETRONAS Primax 95 or Primax 97) worth RM 40 or two Kedai Mesra PETRONAS “Kombo Bola” combo (RM 3, RM 4, RM 4.50 or RM 5) are entitled to one entry.
    • Kad Mesra customers who purchase petrol ( PETRONAS Primax 95 or Primax 97) worth RM 40 or two Kedai Mesra PETRONAS “Kombo Bola” combo (RM 3, RM 4, RM 4.50 or RM 5) are entitled to three entries.

  • Is the Kombo Bola available at all stations?
    No, Kombo Bola is only available at Kedai Mesra PETRONAS nationwide.  
    Mini Mesra and Unbranded stores do not carry the Kombo Bola offering. Mini Mesra & Unbranded outlets can purchase RM 40 PETRONAS Primax to join the contest.
  • Are customers who purchase diesel entitled for the voucher?
    No, only customers who purchase petrol ( Primax 95 & Primax 97) worth RM 40.

  • Are customers who purchase a combination of c-store and petrol worth RM 40 entitled for the voucher?
    No, only customers who purchase petrol ( Primax 95 & Primax 97) worth RM 40.

  • If customers purchase multiples of RM 40, how many vouchers are they entitled to?
    For every RM 40 spent on petrol, customers are entitled to one entry. If customers purchase in multiples of RM 40, they are entitled for one entry for every RM 40 purchase.

    RM 40 PETRONAS Primax purchase : 1 entry
    RM 80 PETRONAS Primax purchase : 2 entries
    RM 120 PETRONAS Primax purchase : 3 entries

  • How does customer enter the promotion?
    To be eligible to participate in the contest, participants need to follow the steps below:
    1. Step 1: Purchase a minimum of RM40 on petrol (PETRONAS Primax 95 & PETRONAS Primax 97) or Kedai Mesra PETRONAS’ “Kombo Bola” combo and get the receipt (“Proof of Purchase”)
    2. Step 2: Whatsapp “Hi PETRONAS” to the hotline setup for the campaign.
    3. Step 3: Submit “Receipt Number, Full Name as per IC, Email (Example: 32883288, John Wick,
    4. Step 4: Submit photo of receipt (“Proof of Purchase”) with caption PETRONAS Receipt.
    5. System is an interactive system and customers submission is not valid until customer has received the confirmation message “Your entry has been submitted. Thank you for your participation”.

  • What is the hotline numbers that customers can Whatsapp submission to?
    Hotline number: 016-3418807. Any other submission via any other channel or hotline will not be qualified.

  • If the customer does not receive a response from the Whatsapp number, what should he/she do?
    Customer has to make a Mesralink report and provide the screenshots on the Whatsapp conversation & his/her mobile. Marketing will check with the agency in charged.

  • Can participants submit more than one entry?
    Participants can submit as many entries as they wish. However, only 1 submission per Proof of Purchase will be entitled for offer.

  • What are the contest prizes?
    There will be 255 weekly winners throughout the Contest Period (8 weeks) with the breakdown as below (“Prizes”):
    1. Grand Prize:  5 winners X 6 weeks (30 total): RM3,000.00 worth of Adidas shopping vouchers (in the form of Adidas shopping spree)
    2. Consolation Prize 250 X 6 weeks (1500 total): RM100.00 worth of free petrol each(in the form of PETRONAS Gift Card)

  • What are the terms for the Adidas shopping spree?
    1. Adidas shopping sprees will be held at selected Adidas stores nationwide on a biweekly basis according to the dates below. PDB and Adidas reserved the right to change the locations and time of shopping spree.
      1. Winner Week 1 & Week 2: 30th June 2018 – Kuala Lumpur
      2. Winner Week 3 & Week 4: 14th July 2018 – Kuala Lumpur
      3. Winner Week 5 & Week 6: 28th July 2018 –Kuala Lumpur
    2. 10 rounds of shopping sprees will be held at each location from 2100 hours to 2200 hours.
    3. Each winner is given 45 seconds to select any product in the identified Adidas store worth up to RM 3,000 only.
    4. If total Adidas product selection is worth less than RM 3,000, PDB or Adidas will not reimburse winner with the difference (example : Product Selected : RM 2,800 , Entitlement : RM 3,000. The RM 200 difference will not be reimbursed to winner).
    5. If total Adidas product selection is worth more than RM 3,000, winner needs to choose to eliminate one product to make total product selection amount less than RM 3,000.
    6. PDB or Adidas will not provide winners any products more than the grand prize amount of RM 3,000. 1.a.6 The shopping spree is only applicable on net item price and only during the stipulated period.
    7. Product exclusions in the store may apply during the shopping spree.
    8. No cash alternatives or refund will be offered in lieu of the shopping voucher.
    9. Adidas and PDB accept no responsibility in the variation of the value of products.

  • How will the winners be contacted?
    • The eligible prize winners will be contacted via phone call and required to correctly answer a question before being declared a winner.
    • In the event the eligible winner fails to correctly answer the question, PDB reserves the right to disqualify the eligible winner. Should the first attempt to contact the eligible winner fail, i.e. no reply, telephone number not in service or no connection, etc, another three (3) attempts will be made within the next 2 hours of the first telephone call.

  • If the winner cannot attend the shopping spree, will the prize be replaced?
    No, winner will be disqualified and not eligible for any prize.

You can also stand a chance to win DAILY PRIZES just by playing an online game! It’s so easy.

  • Who should I contact if I need assistance on the game?
    You can go to FAQ under the drop-down box to find immediate answers for many enquiries. Alternatively, you could also contact customer service at Mesra Link hotline 1-300-88-8181 or email to

  • How can I check what mobile number I use to play the game?
    Tap on the left-hand corner of the screen to find the drop-down box. You can find your mobile number you registered with. To reset, press the key to confirm changing the mobile number used.

  • I did not receive any SMS after winning an Instant Prize. What can I do?
    1. Check that the mobile number you are playing with is correct. You can check under settings icon at the top of the game. If your mobile number is incorrect, you will lose the right to the prize and the prize code will be sent to the number you have played.
    2. If the mobile number is correct, contact customer service at 1300- 88-8181 and they will resend the SMS. Remember to provide your mobile number when contacting customer service.
    3. Have patience. It may take a while before you receive the SMS. All winners are registered in our system so nobody will be forgotten.

  • Do I need to make any purchase when I pick up the Instant Prize at the store?
    Absolutely not! The instant prize is free, but winners would need to answer a simple question during redemption.

  • I'm told that I must pay money to get my prize. Is this true?
    1. Check that it is the same item as the prize in the game, i.e. size, color, type etc.
    2. As with any other technology, errors may occur. We are very sorry if that is what has happened. What may happen is that your prize code has a value that does not match the price of the item. It would be a great help if you would let us know by calling our customer service on phone 1300- 888181 and provide information about the product you have won and the difference that was in the price. If the store did not find a solution, we will help you here.

  • Where can the prizes be collected?
    The prizes are to be collected at all Kedai Mesra PETRONAS outlets nationwide. Find the prize you won in store and bring it to the cashier along with your other items. You will see the prize code on your smartphone. The code can be found by clicking on the link that was in the text message you received when you won.

  • I cannot find my prize in store. What do I do?
    Try to ask an employee in the store for help. Should it be the case that the item is sold out, you can take selected products within the digital game pool of same value.

  • Can I take another product as prize instead of the one I won?
    Unfortunately no. You cannot exchange your prize with another product or cash unless product is out of stock. Please check with our staff and they will assist.

  • I go straight to the page saying that I have already played today
    1. If you press "update" while the game is loading it will be registered as if you have already played. Please do not press update while the game loads.
    2. Maybe you do not have online access wherever you are. If you have attempted to play the game at a place without online access and the game loads in the background while you do something else, it will be registered as if you have already played.
    3. You have already played in the current day, e.g. after midnight - wait for a new day begins.
    4. You use a link forwarded from another user and therefore the game is already 'played'. Press the settings (at the top of the screen) and reset the mobile number.
    5. You have entered a wrong mobile number. Press the settings at the top of the game and reset the mobile number.
    6. Private browsing is turned on.
      iPhone: Touch the tab icon in the bottom right corner of the browser and press the "Private" button.
      iPhone with iOS: Go to "Settings", click "Safari" and turn off the "Private Browser".
    7. Cookies are turned on.
      iPhone: Go to "Settings", select "Safari" and allow "Cookies."
      Android: Go to settings in the browser and enable cookies

  • The prize barcode is not working???
    1. This may be due to poor network connection. Alternatively, you can call customer service and receive a new code at 1300- 88-8181.
    2. The prize code has expired. The code is valid for 7 days and you are unfortunately unable to redeem your prize after the expiry of the deadline or you have clicked redeemed and the counter clock has ended.
    3. The code has already been used. For example, if you have forwarded your prize to another or have entered the wrong number. Contact customer service on phone at 1300- 88-8181

  • Will I be contacted by sales people when I disclose my number in the game?
    No, you will not be contacted by sales people. Your number is used exclusively to communicate with you during the game and to invite you again when we have a similar game with PDB in the future.

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