Oil Based Concrete Mould Release
PETRONAS MOULD OIL is oil-based concrete release agent that provides exceptional release properties. It does not contain any solvent, thus improve operation safety and no unpleasant odor. 
It does not contain waxes and will not cause staining to the concrete. An effective corrosion inhibitor is incorporated to protect metal form from corrosion. It is recommended for wood, aluminum and metal forms.
PETRONAS MOULD OIL can be applied by sprayer, brush, roller or dipping. It spreads and forms a film on the surface that covers 100% of the exposed form area providing uniform release, avoids heavy build-up and uncovered areas. Residual concrete dust can be wiped off with a rag or water washed to a clean surface. This increasing the forms useful life and decreases labor and maintenance costs. Ideal for use on aluminum, pre-cast forms, plywood, lumber, steel, rubber, plastics and treated paper.
Customer Benefits
  • Non-staining
  • No separation, typical of traditional emulsion releases
  • Excellent release performance for aluminum, metal and plywood forms
  • Will not deteriorate or damage surface
  • Minimum labor - just spray, brush, roll or dip forms
  • Reduces surface preparation and painting costs
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Applications & Preparation Forms surfaces should be cleaned before applying PETRONAS MOULD OIL . Remove previous build up of concrete, rust, scale and dirt, and repair any holes or fractures from previous use before applying. PETRONAS MOULD OIL is ready to use direct from its container. Do not dilute. It may be applied by brush, roller, spray or dipping on forms immediately before pouring concrete. However, because PETRONAS MOULD OIL or any other form release agent must be kept off reinforcing steel and any other embedment, spray application must be done with care when forms and steel are already in place. An alternative is to coat forms with PETRONAS MOULD OIL just prior to erection of rebar steel. PETRONAS MOULD OIL can be effective for up to two weeks before concrete is poured. It is also recommended that forms be treated with PETRONAS MOULD OIL between each pour and before long periods of idleness or storage. Coat Uniformly - Leave no Gaps.
  • 209 Liters Drum.
Customer Advice For further assistance on product MSDS, recommendation or technical queries, please liaise with the regional technical services engineer or contact HQ technical engineers.
Product Typicals
Characteristics Mould Oil
Appearance Clear brown
Density 15°C, Kg/L 0.88
Kinematic Viscosity, @ 40°C, cSt 65
Flash Point, °C >200
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