Danol XHT

High Quality Inhibited Heat Transfer Oil
PETRONAS Danol XHT is A high quality heat transfer oil formulated for use in most direct and indirect fired heat transfer systems with forced circulation where the fluid is subjected to the most severe operating conditions.
It is made from premium quality high viscosity index paraffinic base oils for their excellent heat transfer properties (specific heat and thermal conductivity) at all temperatures to provide more rapid heating and greater system flexibility. A thermally stable oxidation inhibitor additive is added to enhance its outstanding thermal and oxidation stability which can easily resist thermal cracking and chemical oxidation and maintain in solution any decomposition product that forms to maintain heat transfer system efficiency.
Customer Benefits
  • Outstanding resistance to thermal cracking and oxidation thus preventing excessive sludge and coke deposits formation for longer oil service life.
  • High thermal conductivity - heats quickly for fuel economy and even heat distribution.
  • Low vapour pressure - minimized fluid loss due to evaporation, vapour lock and hazards of flammability.
  • Low temperature start-up for prompt circulation.
  • Non-corrosive to aluminium, brass, bronze, copper and steel.
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Applications For use in both open and closed heat transfer systems with forced circulation. For closed systems, maximum heater outlet temperature is 305 °C and maximum heater wall temperature is 320 °C.for any open system, the operating temperature shall not exceed 200 °C for safety purposes
Operating Advice When starting up a new unit or restarting a unit after maintenance work or operating a unit irregularly, the temperature of the unit should be reduced to around 100 °C to allow steam blow off before returning to the normal operating temperature.
Product Typicals
Characteristics Value
Density @ 15 °C kg/l 0.874
Pour Point, °C -12
Flash Point °C 242
Kinematic Viscosity, cSt  
@ 40 °C 34
@ 100 °C 5.6
Viscosity Index 101
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