GEO S 40

Premium Quality Natural Gas Engine Oil
Petronas GEO S 40 is a heavy-duty, low-ash, premium quality gas engine oil specifically designed for the lubrication of a wide range of spark-ignited gas-fuelled engines.
Specially formulated with premium quality unconventional base oil and advanced high performance detergent-dispersant additives technology to provide excellent chemical and thermal stability, excellent resistance to oxidation and nitration, excellent sludge and ash deposits control, superior engine cleanliness and excellent anti-corrosion properties.
Its advanced additive technology also minimize wear of rings, liners and bearing and curtails valve seat wear in turbocharges four cycle engines.
Customer Benefits
  • Excellent piston and engine cleanliness for long, efficient operation and reduced overhaul costs.
  • Optimise reserve alkalinity level (TBN of 5.6) to neutralise acids and provide enhanced corrosion protection.
  • Exceptional oxidation and nitration resistance minimizes oil thickening, particularly under leaner air/fuel ratios and resist oil filter blockage. Also minimizes acid number increase, providing protection against bearing corrosion.
  • Balanced / optimized sulphated ash level to provide enhanced valve recession protection in four-stroke engines.
  • Excellent thermal stability and resistance to coking.
  • Low phosphorous content ensures NSCR-type exhaust system catalysts compatibility to prolong unit's service life.
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Applications Recommended for use in the lubrication of the crankcase and power and compression cylinders of spark-ignited two-stroke and four stroke gas-fuelled (natural gas or LPG) engines made by Caterpillar, Waukesha, Dresser Rand and other gas engines.
  • API CF
  • Caterpillar gas engine requirments
  • Dresser Rand Category 3 Requirements
  • Waukhesha low ash defination
Product Typicals
Characteristics SAE 40
Density @ 15 °C, kg/l 0.8830
Pour Point, °C -12
Flash Point, °C 240
Kinematic Viscosity, cSt  
@ 40 °C 133.7
@ 100 °C 14.5
Viscosity Index 108
Sulphated Ash, %wt 0.46
Total Base Number, mg KOH/g 5.6
ASTM Colour 2.0
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