PETRONAS Outboard Special

High Performance, Two-Stroke Marine Outboard Engine Oil
Petronas Outboard Special is a premium performance engine oil for use in two-stroke water-cooled outboard engines operating at all fuel to oil ratios specified by the OEMs.
It is also suitable for motorcycle, snowmobile, water scooters, chainsaws, lawn mowers, small generators and other two-stroke engines that require NMMA TC-W3 oil.
Manufactured from selected premium quality base oils and fortified with advanced nonmetalic, ashless additive system to provide maximum engine protection and minimize spark plug fouling, pre-ignition, ring sticking and combustion chamber deposits.
Customer Benefits
  • Approved and exceeded the certification requirements of the severe NMMA TC-W3 standards.
  • Reduced spark plug fouling and pre-ignition – its advanced ashless formulation minimizes combustion chamber deposits to enhance engine performance and durability and eliminating the risk of pre-ignition induced engine damage.
  • Its superior dispersants keeps pistons clean that ensures peak performance engine operation and lower maintenance costs.
  • Improved lubricity to prevent piston and cylinder scuffing.
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Applications Recommended for use in all water-cooled, two-stroke, marine outboard engines (both pre-mix and direct oil injection) operating in all service conditions and other two-stroke engines where NMMA TC-W3, TC-WII or TC-WI oils are specified.
  • NMMA TC-W3 (Registration No. RL-01763K)
Customer Advice For further assistance on product MSDS, recommendation or technical queries, please liaise with the regional technical services engineer or contact HQ technical engineers.
Product Typicals
Characteristics Value
Density @ 15 °C, kg/l 0.8930
Pour Point, °C -9
Flash Point, °C 216
Kinematic Viscosity, cSt  
@ 40 °C 56
@ 100 °C 7.5
Colour Blue
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