PDB Investor Relations Policy

PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad's ("PDB") Policy is a statement of it's commitment to maintain effective communication and to ensure the stakeholders are kept informed of material development.
It is PDB's commitment to fairly and accurately represent the Company for the stakeholders to have a balance understanding of the Company and its objectives.

We shall:
  • ensure all information will be presented in a clear, factually accurate manner, avoiding ambiguity, jargon, legal and technical terms where possible;
  • ensure all material information will be released, whether it is favourable or not, in a balanced and fair manner that is not misleading;
  • ensure all stakeholders will receive the same information; only formats may differ depending on audience and forum;
  • ensure all information should be complete and accurate when released and any material errors or omissions will be immediately corrected and clarified;
  • ensure equality of access to material information will be achieved through broad public dissemination; no stakeholder will be given undisclosed material information in any form; and
  • ensure all material information will be released as soon as it is known, unless there are exceptional, legitimate reasons to withhold, which will be no longer than absolute necessary.

We require all our employees to strictly adhere to this Policy at all times and only designated Spokespersons are allowed to release any information pertaining to the Company.

For more information on PETRONAS Dagangan Investor Relations Guideline, please click here.

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