1. What is API SM?

API SM is the highest and the latest quality standard for lubricants for petrol engines licensed by the American Petroleum Institute (API).

2. What are the differences between API SM and API SL quality standards?

API SM has higher requirements for the lubricants to meet such as superior engine performance, protection and cleanliness as compared to the requirements of API SL.

3. Does PETRONAS still sell lubricants with API SJ?

No, PETRONAS no longer sell petrol engines lubricants with API SJ

4. Does PETRONAS still sell lubricants with API SL?


However, the new PETRONAS API SM lubricants will eventually replacing all API SL lubricants. Certain API SL lubricants are sold until stock last.

5. What are the new PETRONAS API SM lubricants?

PETRONAS markets six grades of lubricants which exceed all existing car engine oil requirements, namely,
  1. PETRONAS Syntium 5000 0W-30,
  2. PETRONAS Syntium 5000 0W-40,
  3. PETRONAS Syntium 3000 5W-40,
  4. PETRONAS Syntium 1000 15W-50,
  5. PETRONAS Syntium 800 15W-50 and
  6. PETRONAS Mach 5 20W50.
6. What are the main differences between PETRONAS Syntium 1000, PETRONAS Syntium 800 and PETRONAS Mach 5 API SM standard?

The three main differences are:
  1. PETRONAS Syntium 1000 15W-50 is developed using fully synthetic base oils
  2. PETRONAS Syntium 800 15W-50 is developed using special blend of synthetic oils and mineral oils.
  3. PETRONAS Mach 5 20W-50 is developed only using mineral base oils.
7. Why does PETRONAS sell three types of API SM lubricants?

Generally, all three lubricants are manufactured to meet different requirements and affordability of the motorists, be they car enthusiasts or the average drivers. Each product exceeds API SM stringent requirements.

8. Can I mix PETRONAS API SM lubricants with other brands of lubricants?


However, it is not recommended for users to mix two different types of fully synthetic lubricants as chemical compounds and additives used by manufacturers may not be compatible.

9. I always use additive during every oil change. Is this practice safe with PETRONAS API SM lubricants?


One must be careful in using additive because it will affect the car’s warranty issued by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). PETRONAS does not recommend the use of additive with its lubricants and it will not be held responsible for any risks and side-effects resulted from the use of additive.

10. My car manufacturer recommends API SG lubricants. Can I use PETRONAS API SM lubricant instead?


API SG is the minimum recommended standard. It will not cause any problem to your car engine if you use a higher standard lubricant like the PETRONAS API SM. In fact it will give your engine better protection.

11. Can I use PETRONAS API SM lubricants with hydraulic-valve engines like Proton PERDANA V6?


All PETRONAS API SM lubricants are specially formulated to meet OEM requirements, including those of hydraulic-valve engine. The most suitable lubricants viscosity SAE grade for this type of engine is SAE 15W50. The higher viscosity prevents noise at the “tappet” especially when the car is stationery. Although the noise is not harmful to the engine, it is not desirable.

12. Can three-cylinder engines like Perodua Kancil use PETRONAS API SM lubricant?


Car with three-cylinder engines can use PETRONAS API SM lubricants, in fact they will give better engine protection. However, motorists will notice a small increase in fuel consumption because cars with three-cylinder engines are originally manufactured to be used with lower viscosity lubricants.

13. What are the benefits in switching to the new PETRONAS SM lubricant from the one I am using now?

The new PETRONAS API SM lubricants will give better engine protection and performance because presently API SM is the highest quality standard. With regular use, engine life span is prolonged and maintenance costs are reduced.

14. Where can I buy PETRONAS API SM lubricants?

The new PETRONAS API SM lubricants are sold in all PETRONAS service stations nation wide. Should there be any problem, please contact us at Mesralink 1-300-88-8181 or visit us at our website: www.mymesra.com.my.

15. How much do the newly launched PETRONAS API SM lubricants cost?

The prices at all PETRONAS service stations are as follows:
Auto Gasoline Engine Oil
  Pen. M'sia East M'sia
Syntium 5000 0W-30 4.0L 233.00 234.00
1.0L 65.00 65.50
Syntium 5000 0W-40 4.0L 233.00 234.00
1.0L 65.00 65.50
SYNTIUM 3000 5W-40 4.0L 209.00 210.00
1.0L 58.00 58.50
SYNTIUM 1000 15W-50 4.0L 180.00 181.00
1.0L 50.00 50.50
SYNTIUM 800 15W-50 4.0L 97.00 98.00
1.0L 27.00 27.50
MACH 5 20W-50 4.0L 69.00 70.00
1.0L 24.00 24.50
Syntium 800
SL 10w-30
3.0L 75.00 76.00
1.0L 26.00 26.50
Mach 5
SL 10W-30
3.0L 49.00 50.00
1.0L 18.00 18.50

Motorcycle Oil
  Pen. M'sia East M'sia
Sprinta 4T 5000 1.0L 48.00 48.50
Sprinta 4T 4000 1.0L 25.00 25.50
Sprinta 4T 2000 1.0L 17.00 17.50
Sprinta 4T 1000 1.0L 13.50 14.00
Sprinta 4T 1.0L 11.20 11.70
Sprinta 2T 5000 1.0L 39.50 40.00
Sprinta 2T 4000 1.0L 20.60 21.10
Sprinta 2T 4000 0.5L 12.30 12.60
Sprinta 2T 2000 1.0L 14.00 14.50
Sprinta 2T 2000 0.5L 8.50 8.80
Sprinta 2T 1000 1.0L 11.00 11.50
Sprinta 2T 1000 0.5L 6.60 6.90
Sprinta 2T 1.0L 10.00 10.50
Sprinta 2T 0.5L 5.50 5.80