About Us

PETRONAS Lubricant provides basic information regarding our range of lubricant products to assist our present and potential customers. For easy reference, it groups lubricant products produced by PETRONAS into 5 categories:

The information provided for each product includes a general description of the product, recommendation of suitable applications, and its benefits. Information on physical and chemical characteristics are also included to provide customers with a basic knowledge of each product's technical properties. Finally, since our products meet the specifications set by Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and other International Regulating Bodies, approvals awarded by them are also listed.

At PETRONAS, we recognize that customers demand not only the highest quality products but also excellent technical service. Thus, to facilitate our customers' high expectations, trained technical services engineers are available to provide the right lubricant recommendations for the right applications. As part of our after-sales support, our staff can also assist in trouble-shooting problems through used oil analysis and failure diagnosis.